I’ve run into this article and found this to be very amazing.



The main points of the article are the following:

  • There’s no chilling without dillution, and no dilution without chilling;
  • Ice at 0°C can chill a cocktail to under this temperature.

Also we have that to reach the same temperature as for shaking a cocktail for 12sec you’ll need a 2min stir. Although a 40sec will take the cocktail to under 0°C.

Also it makes no difference if you let your cocktail to be stirred sitting over ice for some time.

And since there’s no chilling without dillution adding a big chunk of ice to your mixed drink won’t dillute it, but also won’t keep it cool long enought.

Besides that good information above we have that some cocktails have a “better temperature” to exist, usually above -5°C which is what we can get from a proper shake/stir.

Furthermore there’s also a batching-cocktail techninc and a mention to salt addition in cocktails (I’ll cover that latter).

I guess that’s it, broken some beliefs and made me better.