After I tried out the Sidecar I got to Between the Sheets, but I think this is not a good one.

The BtS would go 1oz rum, 1oz brandy, 1oz cointreau, .5oz lemon juice.

After reading the JOY OF MIXOLOGY, which is a great book, I found out the Bolero cocktail, there it goes:

  • 1oz    dark rum
  • 1oz    brandy
  • .5oz  orange juice
  • 1oz    lime juice
  • .5oz   simple syrup

Shaked and strained into a cocktail glass.


Since I was out of rum, I just went for cachaça  and that was a preatty refreshing cocktail. The dark rum version is also pretty good too.

The combination of juices is really cool and I think this is a very good cocktail.

I used Osbourne brandy, João Andante cachaça and Bacardi Black.

I also will leave you with a Brazilian bolero: