A friend of mine just went back from a trip to Peru and brought those bottles
Glenmorange Scotch, which is not smoky and has nice vanilla flavoring and

Licor Cuarenta y Tres (43), one of our favorite liquours.

Inspired by his favorite cocktail the Godfather we tried this very vanilla-ish cocktail

  • 40ml Glenmorangie Single Malt
  • 20ml Cuarenta y Tres

Stirred and strained into a cocktail glass.

That one was really refreshing, like jumping into a pool, and the spirits married well together, it wasn’t too sweet and the Scotch got really accented.

Now I’ll gave you the recipe for what we call Cocktail#1

  • 60 ml Blended Scotch Whisky
  • 40ml Amaretto

Stirred and strained into a cocktail glass.

Yes, that is a Godfather, but when my friend “invented” this we didn’t knew that there was already a cocktail calling for the same ingredients.

Usually a Godfather is built directly into an old-fashioned glass, another approach is to stir and strain into ice.

The proportions here are for the brands we had, and it was an almond-scotch taste with the whisky predominant but with a lovely amaretto note.

What about you? What is your favorite recipe for a Godfather?

Hope you have a nice weekend!