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Tiki-Hawaiian bar

I just went back from Rio, it was “7 de setembro” holiday, but the hostel didn’t allowed drinking so I just went to local bars and drank “speakeasy” mode.

I started my afternoon with a coconut-hidden daiquiri

Then went for a walk during the night, for some reason we got lost and found a Hawaiian themed bar placed in a square. The food was great and the cocktails were ok.

There were some fruit+spirit+soda cocktails. I went with Passion Fruit + Madarin + Basil + Cachaça, and my baby drank a Pineapple + Mint + Rum, they were tasty!

Next morning I went with a Breakfast Collins and this was really good and refreshing, just want to try a better jam next time.

Latter at night we went with a friend to two more bar where we drank:

Whisky Sour, Watermelon Mojito  and a Margarita  and

Manhattan, M6* and Cosmopolitan.

The first three ones were good, besides the Sour being made with Jack Daniels, but that was ok for me, the JD really got in evidence.

The M6 is a Gin+Cointreau+Pineapple+Ginger+Lime refreshing cocktail, I really liked this one.

The Cosmopolitan was really good, actually the best I ever had, didn’t found very tart/dry as others.

But the vermuth was really bad though, which gave an odd taste.

This was a really great trip, Ipanema is a great place to stay and spending time with who you love is always good.