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My first Mixology Monday (and the first since a long time) and it is about equal parts cocktails. My first thought was the Between the Sheets and its base line, broke down a spirit in 2 parts, I found this very playful.

So, that is me entering “cheating mode” right in my first MxMo post!

Between the Sheets

  • 1oz Brandy
  • 1oz Rum
  • 1oz Cointreau
  • 1oz lemon juice

For those unaware, a Sidecar with brandy being broken down in Brandy+Rum.

Some may say white rum, some may say gin and I would say aged Rum.

And also some may cut the lemon juice into 0.5oz or into a teaspoon.


There is also this sour method based on the same trick

  • 1oz base spirit (Gin)
  • 1oz liqueur (Cherry)
  • 1oz sour (lime)

And usually I’ll add

  • 1oz Club soda

to transform it into a Collins.

You may want add

  • 1oz simple syrup

And that is a lot of ONES.


Just for curiosity, there’s also a cheated Manhattan


  • .75oz Rye
  • .75oz Brandy
  • .75oz Sweet Vermuth
  • 2 dashes Angostura Bitters


So, here is my BtS, made with Bacardi Black and Osborne (as you can see):

What you can’t see is that I used a lime in it.

It tasted much better than the version I tried months ago with Bacardi Superior (unaged).

For me it was pretty good, not amazingly good, but on average. Maybe a lemon would make it taste better, but for me it was still fine.


I don’t think a teaspoon of lemon juice instead of 1oz would help to bring things togheter, but must try right?

That led us to think about other cocktails that can be tinkered to get into the ‘equal parts’ world, like the Martine/Manhattan.


Next time, while doing a cocktail, try to split something (the liqueur or the base, the bitters or the vermuth).

Thanks to Fred Yarm to bring back MxMo, such a great idea from Paul Clarke!

Let’s drink to that!