I read some time ago (don’t know where nor when) that you should keep three bottles at your home bar,
one for you, one for your lover and one for the person who pay your bills. Sound right.

But yesterday I found this 3 BOTTLE BAR book, by H.I.Williams (1943).

What a lovely book, 64 four pages, really straight: Why the three bottles, where/when/why to serve your cocktails and some pretty jokes.

You’ll need:

  1. Gin (your favorite brand and type)
  2. Whiskey (be it Rye or Bourbon, but be good)
  3. Dry White Wine

Gin and Whiskey can make a bunch of popular cocktails and the White Wine plays the role of vermuth, but with more advantages: makes good cocktails, cheaper and can also be served by its own.

You’ll also need:

  1. Aromatic Bitters
  2. Orange Bitters
  3. Simple Syrup
  4. Lemon/lime juice

And try to keep Soda water and Ginger Ale near too.

Always measure your ingredients when making cocktails, so you have a standard.

And keep your bar stuff far from the kitchen, so you don’t bother who is cooking.

The taste of alcohol must be disguised/diluted, otherwise you won’t taste the food you’ll eat.

Here are one of recipes I’m willing to try:

And also the


  • 2dashes Angostura Bitters
  • 0.25tsp Simple Syrup
  • 1.5oz Dry White Wine
  • 1.5oz Whiskey

Stirred, strained into cocktail glass, lemon zest.

I liked a lot the idea of using wine in cocktails.

The author finishes the book giving a Punch recipe, an Egg Nog recipe and suggesting two more bottles if you want to expand your bar:

Rum and Scotch(for those into Whisky and Soda).