So, as promised and as straight as I can make it, here are some notes about salt (regular table salt).

What we know from everyday experience:

  1. Salt season food (amplify odors, hence taste);
  2. stimulates the palate

What experiments have concluded:

  1. salt disguise bitter flavor;
  2. salt brightens sweetness.

How this is useful?

You can add salt to make a better Whiskey Sour (or any other sour), or even to make a bitter drink more palatable, like the Campari Martini. Or even a better espresso.

How can I use salt in my cocktails?

  1. Make a salt solution, let’s say 15g salt for 100g water;
  2. Measure how many DROPS you are using;
  3. Don’t make your cocktail taste like salt.

A good counterpoint: you can also add drops of lemon juice to cut sweetness, but also keep it unnoticeable.