Last night I was working at an event, the 10th birthday of a local joint of hamburgers.

It was a 50’s themed party, we had 6 classics (Old fashioned, Orange Blossom, Tom collins, Sidecar, Mint Julep and Plunter’s Punch).

Suddenly I was asked “Can you make a cocktail without alcohol?”

Well some might have a motive not to drink, the most usual is: “I’m driving.”
Well, in that case you’ll be sitting there with your friends for hours and some dashes of bitters won’t hurt.

I asked if a little alcohol could be used, and made my favorite mocktail.

L.L.B (lemon-lime-bitters)

  • 4 dashes Angostura Bitters
  • 1oz lime juice
  • lemonade (sprite)

Coat the glass with bitters, then put ice, lime, lemonade and stir.

But sometimes, no alcohol at all will be requested.

You can try Italian sodas (a syrup with soda) or some muddled fruits with a juice and soda.

Also, give it a nice garnish!

A nice tip from Paul Harrington is using mango, papaya or guava juice instead of the usual orange juice, because those other fruits barely are seem in cocktails recipes besides being tasty. But, always look for balance.

Another tip is 2 parts juice and 1 part mixer. Maybe 2oz orgeat, 1oz lime and soda. You don’t need to put soda in all of them, ok?

Singapore Sling 4 Teetotalers

  •  2oz cherry juice
  • 0.5oz  lime juice
  • Soda water

But, sometimes the person just don’t like the taste of alcohol.
And “that’s the best alcoholic cocktail I’ve ever had” was what I received for my L.L.B.

Those costumers probably find alcohol very bitter, for some reason I can’t remember why and can’t find the source.
For those, you can put a little salt and see if they’ll like it.

Others just don’t have their favorite spirit, try giving them something more light in the taste, maybe a mojito.

Hope it helps!


LATE UPDATE: I just found this amazing prohibition book about mocktails.