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My golden falernum, with a S.Claus cork.

As you may be aware, water is good for make tea and vodka can be easy flavored.


That’s because water, a polar molecule, can dilute pretty well other polar molecules, such as “flavor”.

Ethanol, a.k.a  booze, is a large molecule and has a polar and a non-polar end.
“Aroma” is also non-polar. Hence, you can preserve the taste and the aroma of something by making an infusion(in alcohol).


You can strength  your infusion by making a “tea” to get more flavor. By adding a syrup(tea + sugar) in a infusion you get a liqueur, but a lot of bitter’s recipes also requires making a tea with the infusion-stuff.


You can also extract aroma with oils. Pressure is used for making syrups too, is much simpler and efficient, but you need the right tool.


Remembering my Golden Falernum experiece:


  1. Infuse ginger, lime peel, clove and allspice in aged Rum;
  2. Add a simple syrup(2:1) to your infusion.

There you have it!


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