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See the round-up here.

MxMo this month is hosted by wordsmithingpantagruel, and the chosen theme is “bein’ green”  so people up there in north can remember the summer even if it freaking cold outside without a glance of sun or leaves.

Well, I did some research and found the City Coral cocktail from Hidetsugu Ueno, it seems that the recipe is a secret (since I found more than one recipe for it)

City Coral

  • 1½oz Gin
  • ½oz Midori
  • ½oz grapefruit juice
  • Tonic water

Shake, strain into a chilled champagne flute coral rimmed* and top with tonic water.

For the coral rim, dip the flute into blue curaçao then dip into salt, remove the excess from the inside of the glass.

This is into the template I discussed on next MxMo (equal parts Collins). But the nice thing is the coral rim, it’s beautiful and useful.

But, you know, It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green. And I hadn’t time to guy buy a shot of Midori. I went to a friend of mine’s house to help him paint it and the only green stuff I could buy was a crap Green Creme de menthe that was awful.

So, here’s a Caipirinha for you guys wanting to get warmed.


  • 2oz Cachaça (home barrel of Amburana wood)
  • half a lime
  • 2tsp sugar

Slice the lime from one end to the other (in half), remove the white pith (just to get more juice easily), put sugar into an old fashioned glass, put the lime with the green part touching the sugar, muddle it.
Add cracked ice, put in a shot of GOOD cachaça . Enjoy!