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I always wanted to taste those bitter-heavy cocktails, so last night I tried the Alabazam.


  • 1½oz Brandy
  • 5mL  lemon juice
  • 5mL  Curaçao (I used triple sec)
  • 5mL  Angostura Bitters
  • 10mL Simple Syrup

It was really good, well balanced. I couldn’t taste any particular ingredient, but the spices from Ango gave a nice touch to the whole thing. It wasn’t overly sweet and I enjoyed it, but I thought it would be spicier.

This weekend I wasn’t able to perform my Sour Experiment, but it will be done by Friday.

I went to my grandpa’s house and picked some “Romãs”, so we will be doing homemade Grenadine!