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Aperol Coral Rim

As I talked about during last MxMo, Coral Rim is Uyeda‘s invention.

Since this month’s MxMo is about garnishes – great idea from Joseph from Measure&Stir.


I decided to give it a try with what a had available, it was Aperol, not Blue Curacao.

The next thing was to put something inside the glass, so I tried a John Collins with a different presentation:

John Fancy Pants

  • 2oz Scotch Blended
  • 1oz Lime juice
  • ½oz Simple Syrup
  • 1oz Soda water

Shake and strained into a Aperol-coral-sugar-rimmed flute. Mist with Coffee Liqueur. Top with 1oz Soda Water.

The cocktail was good, but the Aperol color wasn’t very bright, maybe some Campari or Red Curaçao. But the cocktails was good and with a nice smell of the coffee, which I think compliments very well the scotch, be careful to not over-do it.

So, thanks to Joseph whom made us think/search nice presentations for cocktails.