no cocktail photo today :(

Last weekend I was invited to work at a party, there would be only Japanese food and a lot of spirits for me to play with.

There was a 3L bottle of sake and a bottle of Rose syrup. So I decided to buy some apple flavored soy milk.

Soy milk and sake are some kind of “same culture pairing”.

Apple and roses are from the “same odor pairing“.

Ringo Bar

  • 2½oz Sake
  • 2oz Apple flavored soy milk
  • ½oz Rose syrup

Shake and strain into a cocktail glass, garnish with an caramelized apple slice and some rose petals.

It was tasty and everybody loved it.

It is very light and is a nice piece that can benefit from improvements.

Maybe something with the Golden Ratio

  • 1½oz Applejack
  •  ¾0z Sake
  • ¼oz Rose syrup

Since we don’t have applejack here in Brazil, I’ll wait for someone to try this one out.


That’s my first attempt to make a non-obvious pairing in cocktail.