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Daiquiris for the sour experiment


So finally I had time to perform my Sour Experiment.

I only tried salt and maltodextrin effects. Four glasses then. (00,01,10,11)

Long short history:

  1. Salt really affects sours, but I thought it cut the freshness from limes that I expect in my Daiquiris;
  2. Maltodextrin added mouthfeel.


I used body-building maltodextrin  and very little (½tsp to ½ozSimple Syrup), so it only added little mouthfeel. Good one.


I added 2 drops of salt solution (1tsp to ½oz plain water), that totally cut the freshness from the lime, but not the sourness.

I don’t think it helped any little to improve my Daiquiri. But may help in other cocktail, maybe a Margarita.