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I was thinking about some ingredients that you don’t usually see at bars and recipes and those five items are simple and under-used:

  • Herbs

Not just mint leaves, ginger or cardamom, this go to infinity, we need to experiment more with herbs.
Not just muddled, burn it, infuse it, pair with a fruit, or a dish.

Herbs can give a small magical touch to a cocktail, just like bitters.

  • Shrubs

Seasonal fruits for the whole year? That’s great! Ally that with complex bittersweet taste and make wonderful summer drinks or give a new dimension to an old cocktail.

  • Tinctures

Just like bitters, but one-dimensional. Add any accent flavor to your cocktail. You can also use your tinctures as a library of flavours. And why not make your own bitters.

  • Vermuth

I think the best way to use vermuth in a bar is to use it a lot, not just for Manhattans or Martinis. That way you will always have fresh opened vermuth.
So, get your hands dirty and serach/create more cocktails using vermouth. A good place to start is the Golden Ratio.

  • Beer

I think beertails is a nice way to introduce people to cocktails, use it inventively or just as you would with soda/champagne.
Since you have different beers, pair them with the right drink.

What you think you should be using more? What you use that you think is under-used?
Keep it craft!