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A Mai Tai?

A Mai Tai?

So it is MxMo again!

The so enthusiastic and kind people of PutneyFarm are hosting this month, and the theme is Inverted. Anyway you think it works.

I stoled you Michael!

Since november I don’t make something, this month I “cheated” and made a Caipirinha again.
But for this month I have a reason.

I hate those lime shells on the floor of my ocean.
They only look like thrash in the final product,

and don’t contribute anything aromatically.

So, I’m Inverting the limes!

I only have cachaça, limes and honey today…

No recipe, you don’t need recipe to make a caipirinha.
Just a few modifications, squeeze half a lime and keep the shell, muddle the other half to extract the oils, take them out, add ice, garnish with the beautiful and aromatic shell. I also like to give a little stir into my caipirinhas, since I’m putting hot booze in my glass.

The aroma really compliments the cocktail the way it should be.


Also, thanks to Fred and PutneyFarm!