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My cocktail for Bols Around the World 2013 is the one pictured above! It’s called the KAOD.

BATW this year is themed on “inspiration”, I was already thinking about doing some cocktails for the touristic points in my city, inspired by the Bollywood Cocktail of Kathy Casey.

My starting point was the Mercado Central

If you want to make some bitters go there, if you want fresh fruits, beer, tobacco, fish, you got it, right?

There’s typical dishes there, like fried liver with gilo or the KAOL (cachaça, arroz(rice), ovo(eggs) and linguiça sausage).

So cachaça and pineapple (here know as abacaxi) would be my K.A.
Since we love cheese I remembered the foodpairing: Pineapple, Bleu Cheese and White Wine.

Based on some classic recipes, such as the Algonquin and the Cosmopolitan, me and my baby tried some recipes and we landed on this final version:


  • 45mL      Cachaça (João Andante or any Amburana aged)
  • 30mL      Pineapple juice (fresh and strained)
  • 22,5mL   Dry Vermuth
  • 15mL      BOLS Triple Sec
  • 2,5mL    Simple syrup (2:1)
  • 2,5mL     fresh lime juice

Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a skewered bleu cheese.

The recipe ended up with a long list of ingredients, but the simple syrup and the triple sec ware crucial to draw more pineapple flavor and also to add mouth feel.

Since I finded that more on the sweet side, I added some lime juice. Then it was delicious.

The Amburana cachaça compliments very well the aroma from the sip, at first you smell cheese and cachaça with some freshness of the pineapple. The sip goes with a dominant cheese aroma and some fruitness both from the wood and the fruit, when the glass go back you experience a very refreshing and tropical cocktail, with a clean finish on the palate.