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I'm starting to get all those fancy liqueurs now!

I’m starting to get all those fancy liqueurs now!

I’ve acquired a Luxardo maraschino bottle!
Around here it is really hard to find some and they are expensive, so I’m really proud of myself!

In my last trip to Rio, which I’ll talk about in the next post, I found the maraschino liqueur for a reasonable price, also found the DeKuyper one, but decided for the “real stuff”.
You can see Simon Difford’s review of some brands here.


Let’s start with MY tasting notes (as you can see I’m really poor on this description):
Very oily aroma with some floral hints, nothing that my bad nose can describe more than this.
Refreshing and a little sweet at first, oily and nutty. Candy and nutty aftertaste with a little floral, but still oily.

I thought it was be more dry and floral, maybe even a little bitter, the product on itself is not a sipper but has a richness and texture that calls for some “dilution”.

Let’s get some cocktails then.

I'm taking an aeroplane...

I’m taking an aeroplane…


  • 2oz Gin
  • ½oz Maraschino liquer
  • ½oz lemon juice

Shake, strain, express lemon oils.


This is really refreshing, the liqueur goes a long way here and really shines.

I gave it a longer shake, since only 10sec wasn’t enought to calm down the gin.

If you are really lucky,  cut the maraschino to 10mL and add 5mL of creme de violette.


Cachaça CRUSTA

  • 2oz João Andante cachaça
  • ½oz triple sec
  • ½oz lemon juice
  • ¼oz maraschino
  • ¼oz sugar syrup
  • 2ds Angostura

Shake and strain into a “crusta garnished glass”.
This one was very good too, the cachaça was really lengthened and softened, becoming even more delicious!


I’m really happy with my new addition, expect more Maraschino cocktails.