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I always wondered about the differences between aged liqueurs. Let’s drink to know more!


Me and my friend Rafael started blind tasting three glasses, here are the results:

Glass #1:

  • Light smell of sweet vanilla and rubber;
  • viscous with notes of caramel toffee;
  • clean finish with a metalic aftertaste.


This was Bacardi 8


Glass #2:

  • Couldn’t get much in the nose, very light aroma;
  • Dry and thin with little alcohol;
  • Very light dried fruits finish;
  • Monochromatic can resume.



This was Bacardi Black (4yo)


Glass #3:

  • Very complex and rich aroma of nuts and wood;
  • Not as thick as Glass#1, balanced sip with dark chocolate and vanilla notes;
  • woody and alcoholic finish.


This was Zacapa 23


After this I think Bacardi 8 is an acceptable rum for mixed drinks calling for some wood, while Bacardi Gold is very light in that sense.

Zacapa 23 is a really good sipper and might make beautiful cocktails too, but I would think twice before using it instead of B8.


Hope you enjoy!