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It’s that time of month again! It’s MxMo!

Our host is Fred Yarm, also the man who keeps MxMo alive, many thanks to him who also keeps our imagination running.

This theme month is Flip Flop!

Find a recipe, either new or old, and switch around at least two of the ingredients to sister or cousin ingredients but holding the proportions and some of the ingredients the same. The new recipe should be recognizable as a morph of the old one when viewed side by side.

You can check the round-up here.

We just love little spins on classics, you can see that in some old posts and some even fit the theme. but we’re going for something “new” that I’m serving this winter at Elvis King Pub, my tending place.

Can't help falling in love

Can’t help falling in love

Burning Love

  • 1½oz Spiced Rum
  • ½oz lime juice
  • ½oz simple syrup (with vanilla it tastes even better!)
  • 2oz pear juice (in season!)

Shake & strain into ice-filled collins glass.
Garnish with spices. We use big cinnamon sticks, lime wheel and ginger slice.

An Angostura float wouldn’t hurt!

That cocktail isa spin on the

Cox’s Daiquiri (by Simon Difford)

  • 2½oz Vanilla-infused rum
  • ½oz lime juice
  • ¼oz vanilla syrup
  • 1oz pineapple juice (fresh, strained & unsweetned)

Shake & strain into chilled cocktail glass.Garnish with apple slice.

We’ve enlonged the cocktail, but you can’t go wrong if you go with the same proportions as above.

The Burning Love has a spice-citrus smell with a rounded pear-spiced sip and a peppery aftertaste with lots of cumin too.

A good pairing to our Tex-Mex foods!