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Apple syrup

Apple syrup

We love fruits, but some we can’t keep buying all month long, be it due to seasonality or because it looses fast.

Just the other day we had some beautiful apples and passion fruits, here is what we’ve done!

Apple Syrup

  1. Peel 3 apples;
  2. Make a 1:1 simple syrup;
  3. Infuse the peels in the syrup, over the oven, for some 40 minutes;
  4. Strain & bottle;
  5. Put some vodka for longer life (we lost this one very quickly);

We picked this recipe from PostProhibition blog.

With the unpeeled apples we made some juice, which was tasty!

We then made

Maracuya Syrup

  1. Cut a maracuya (passion fruit) in half, take the pulp and split in two portions;
  2. Infuse half the pulp in the syrup (1:1) –  just as above;
  3. Take the syrup from the oven and infuse the other half  – until the syrup is cold;
  4. Strain & bottle;
  5. Put some vodka, this will last one month, if refrigerated.

Check out the difference between our brazilian passion fruits and the little purple one.

Passion fruits

Try this one in

Passion Pegu

  • 1½oz Gin
  • ½oz Maracuya Syrup
  • ½oz lime juice
  • 1ds Angostura

Shake &strain into chilled maracuya half!


We also did some Burnt Sugar Syrup, but that’s for MxMo!