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Muse of Doom is dooming!

Feu de Vie‘s Muse of doom is telling us to “bring the heat” to this month MxMo!

Be sure to check the roun-up post.

So, as promised, we bring you Burnt Sugar Syrup! Here’s How!

Put a cup of sugar in a pan on the stove and forget about it, when you come back it should be all caramel dark liquid.

Now it is time to put a cup of water. This will get bubbling just like lava!
Stir until all the bit of sugar are dissolved, take out of the fire, let it cool & bottle!

Black and Delicious

You can use it to make delicious Daiquiris and Whiskey Sours, but today we’re going with a non-alcoholic Lemonade!

Burnt wine Lemonade

  • 2oz non-alcoholic wine (or good dry grape juice!)
  • ½oz lemon juice
  • ½oz lime juice
  • ½oz burnt sugar syrup
  • ½oz vanilla syrup
  • ~2oz 7Up / Tonic water / Soda water

Shake & strain into an ice-filled pint glass.

Top with bubbles and garnish with a lime wheel.


It doesn’t tasted like Brandy (“burnt wine”), but was complex and refreshing with the vanilla and caramel playing together with the lemon-lime acidity.

You should check Darcy’s post about Cognac Oil!

Feel free to play with the syrups and juices.

We love Strawberries lemonades, but also have fun mixing mango, guava or watermelon lemonades!

We also intend to do an alcoholic version tomorow, so check out our post for some caramelized honey fig yummyness!

Our thanks to the Muse of Doom and Fred Yarm for keeping up the fire of MxMo alive!