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Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea

Talking about tea infusions the other night at work I bought a Twinings’ Earl Grey to try the famous bergamot – black tea combo.

The tea in itself is very aromatic with the bergamot oils really adds depths and a flavor that reminded us of papaya.
Delicious and complex!

So, next step was infuse some London Dry and make Audrey Saunders’

Earl Grey Marteani

  • 2oz London Dry Gin (Earl grey infused)
  • 1oz Simple Syrup
  • 1oz Lemon juice
  • ½oz egg white

Dry shake, Shake & Strain into chilled cocktail glass.
Garnish with lemon zest.

If you don't have egg whites, this is still delicious

If you don’t have egg whites, this is still delicious

To the infusion I just put two tea bags (4g) in 6oz of Beefeater for some 40 minutes, since the flavor was already good.

This didn’t got tannins but you should check your infusion every once in a while.

You can check Audrey’s recipe in the link above the recipe.

This one was really flavorfull, but not so aromatic on the nose.

The black tea notes played really well with the botanicals and the bergamot flavor gave some freshness to the cocktail.
Not your regular Gin Sour, right?

A libation from the Gods!

Talking about tea infusions, you can also make a quick infusion with tea bags.
Last time I tried 2 tea bags (peach flavored) in 2oz Bourbon for 4 minutes, be carefeull with the tannins, they will add an astringent feel. You can make a delicious Whisky Sour with that.