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Here I am again, after a two weeks hiatus, continuing my Tasting Sessions.

This one happened in the Vive La Revolucion coaching for the competition,  kind of a brazilian eliminatory to the GG10, the world final.

This session was hosted by Tony Harion, the brazilian ambassador for Grey Goose and a big friend of mine.

As you can see in the picture above, there were the four tastes available here, with some tasting notes from Grey Goose’s Maître de Chai, but I’m giving my atemtp to them:

Grey Goose Original

  • Heavy legs almost remembering a liqueur;
  • Clean aroma, without harsh invasion of alcohol;
  • Creamy with nutty hints;
  • Vanilla bean aftertaste!

Grey Goose La Poire

  • Rich natural pear aroma;
  • Creamy banana taste with hints of pear;
  • clean pear aftertaste.

Grey Goose L’Orange

  • Smells like really good, sweet and creamy triple sec;
  • Creamy texture with fresh orange fruit;
  • A little orange bitterness along with nuts.

Grey Goose Le Citron

  • Fresh lemon oils, reminding of Lemoncello;
  • Creamy texture along with nuts, characteristic of all four, along with light citrus;
  • Finishes with fresh lemon zest.

I really enjoyed this tasting, GG is a very good vodka, with some character of its own and nice texture.
Follow us to see what we will come up with for the cocktail competition.

And you, what you taste on the Grey Goose vodkas?