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This year was a really good year to me, I joined a brand new bar and learned a lot while helping it grow.

I also started my own consulting & catering brand: Ducktails – Bartending & Beverage Solutions.

Besides that, my life is doing great, I’m living with the one I love!

But also, this was a great year for my cocktails understanding grow and also for my bar-tending skills to improve.

I’ll re-link 5 important post for me this year, those were good lessons.

  1. Understand that everything is thought and intended to improve your guest experience;
  2. Better non-alcoholic cocktails really improve your guest happiness;
  3. Understand better what makes certain cocktail, build upon that;
  4. Also understand better your ingredients, know when to use what;
  5. And also understanding better your ingredients will make you know what goes well with what.

Although very simple, those 5 concepts are very strong building blocks for blowing custermer’s mind!
Much thanks for my blog-friends, friends, bartender brothers, and to my beloved baby!

As remembered by Rafael in the comments, I put to use all the 5 ingredients that I listed a year ago:

  1. Herbs: I made my own spiced rum and put rosemary and hibiscus in my cocktails;
  2. Shrubs: I made one, but it’s not accessible, doesn’t have a good smell and is very tart, have to work hard on this;
  3. Tinctures: I made my own orange bitters;
  4. Vermuth: I got to use it a lot more, along with bitters, like Cynar, Aperol and Campari;
  5. Beer: I can’t get enought of beermosas, shandys and even made a beertail for Grey Goose Vive la Revolucion, besides tasting a lot of beers!