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Sazerac from the scratch

Sazerac from the scratch


Nothing says holidays better than spices!
This months MxMo theme is Anise and the host is Nick of The Shorter Straw.

The round-up can be check here.

Anise for me is a love/hate ingredient and it can bring brightness to a cocktail but it can also bring a terrifying taste of the blue aniseed that tasted like All flavors jelly beans from my childhood.

All in all, I really like when anise flavors are well used and in balance with the overall cocktail.

The usual match for anise is smoke or pineapple, I like that pair a lot. Two cocktails that employ this maneuver are the Kingston Club and the Adlon, but you can also think about the Rusty Nail.

My cocktail will be a Sazerac which I made with Zacapa 23, although I know the base spirit should be dry the Zacapa really stood tall in this one, but I think that a drier base would push the anise more forward and make the cocktail brighter.

Since there`s not much to talk about, I`ll present my method for making old fashioneds.


  • 3oz Zacapa 23
  • oz Simple Syrup
  • 3ds Creole Bitters
  • Absinthe (substitute) to rinse the glass

Put the simple syrup and the bitters and half fill the glass with ice. Let it sit for some minutes, these will allow the syrup to thicken, give it a stir, add the base spirit, to with ice and stir to integrate the syrup with the base.

I think this method gives a better texture, I call it glass-aging.

After that, rinse a chilled rocks glass with the Absinthe. Strain & express lemon oils on top, discard the peel.

(If you don`t like any anise at all, you can try the Morandi`s Sazerac…)

As I said the Zacapa was enhanced in the cocktail, just as any old-fashioned should be, missed some bright anise.

Will try latter with a drier base.

Happy Holidays to you folks, thanks for Nick and Fred for hosting our cocktail party!