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January is the month to put things in order and start the year with the right foot.

In this month’s MxMo, Joel from SouthernAsh, a nice blog about booze, cigar and other “man stuff”, invites us to share our favorites highballs, that one to just get laid back with your mind on your money.

Make sure to check out the RoundUp.

I really like for myself a dry cocktail, trying to utilize the minimum amount of sugar to achieve balance.

I really enjoy some Bacardi Rickeys and Yerba Matte Iced Tea with or without some booze.

Tea is a great way to add flavors without the need to add sugar, be it hibiscus, pineapple or green tea, those healty “skinny” cocktails are all the rage, and you can get them done really simple without artificial sweetners.

I have already done some taste MojiTea with cold infused green tea in sparkling water. Delicious!

But another fun way to add nice flavors to highballs is the Kathy Casey’s H2O cocktails.

Just as simple as that, make some flavored water and add some really quality booze.

H20 Highball Template

  • 1½oz Spirit
  • 4oz Flavored Water

Stir and strain into a beautiful glass.

For my water I used strawberries, hibiscus and cinnamon.

Strawberry Hibiscus Water

  • 1 cup Strawberries
  • 4 cups water
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 2oz dried hibiscus flowers

Place all the ingredients in a nice bucket and let it sit for 4h, at least, in your refrigerator.
Don’t muddle the strawberries.

Make sure to use a spirit that will enhance your water, a good quality vodka is a no-brainer here, but you can make one ingredient to enhance the other, maybe some floral-citrus water with gin, or refreshing and herbal with tequila.

Simple and effective a nice way to relax and enjoy all those fresh flavors without any guilt.

Thanks Joel and Fred for hosting the event, see you all in Tiki February!