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No I’m not dead!
It’s been a hard year and although I’m alive and kicking drinking I couldn’t find time to publish here.

This is just a post to get things going again.
You know what they say about diffordsguide recipes right? Even the weird ones are tasty!

I found this the other day while searching recipes with basil to use the ones I’ve bought on the market.

It’s a lovely recipe that also helped me to put good use on that limoncello that’s being used just for shots.



2oz Vodka

½oz limoncello

½ simple syrup

½oz lemon juice

7 sweet basil leaves

Shake, strain & garnish with basil leaves

This is a very refreshing cocktail, which showcase very well the sweet basil, and although it seems to be sweet it is well balanced.

Sweet basil is not common in Brazil, here we have a smaller and more pungent varietal.

Hope you enjoy this “weird” mix and keep up with us, we’ll be hosting MxMo this month!