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After removing the skin from all those pineapples for this month’s Mixology Monday, let’s put them to goo use.

Pineapple Tea

  • peel from 1 pineapple
  • 1L water
  • spices & sugar to taste

Boil the water with the peels and spices until it tastes good.


This is a popular Minas Gerais’ beverage, usually served in street restaurants after lunch.

The spices are usually omitted, but you can use mint, cloves, cinnamon and/or cardamon.

The tea is a little astringent with a good pineapple taste.


I’ve being playing around with it for a while, here a some cocktails that use this delicious tea:


Familia Jarrito

  • 240 mL Rum
  • 480 mL Pineapple Tea (cold)
  • 60 mL  lime juice
  • 40 mint leaves
  • 10 dashes Celery Bitters

Smack those mint leaves, pour all ingredients into a jar, top it with ice, serve into four ice filled glasses and garnish. Rejoice!


This is a Mojito topped with this light and astringent tea. Instead of bubbles you get astringency!

The plastic pineapple jar is a reference to a comedy show…



The next cocktail comes from my good friend and partner João Morandi (have you seen his post here about spiced rum?)



  • 40mL Cachaça
  • 10mL Curaçao
  • 10mL Simple Syrup
  • 15mL Sweet Vermouth
  • 10mL Lime/Lemon mix
  • 30mL Pineapple Tea
  • 2 dashes Homemade Curry Bitters (steep a pinch of curry into some ango…)

Stir & strain. Garnish with coconut sugar rim


This cocktail is a take on the Crusta, the name is a reference to the steam locomotives that made the trade and transportation from the ports to the countryside.

Hence the ingredients are like a mix of cultures, just like Brazil.

Here’s what John has to say:

In the special brazilian region of Minas Gerais, train is a word used to indicate absolutely everything. The train is also the transportation which connects the countryside and its beautiful landscapes and traditions. The train has this fellowship aura, which comes with great cocktails and friends getting together. Good moments inspires me as this cocktail does.


Next time you’re juicing some pineapples make sure to brew this tea!


You can check the roundup here.

Hope you all enjoyed this MxMo as I did. I’m working on the roundup post, lot’s of great tasting and beautiful cocktails this month!
Thanks you all and Fred Yarm for keeping the party going!