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This is the first post about the Old Fashioned Cocktail for my Template Project: Classics

The following posts can be seen here: Part II, Part III, Part IV.

I’m starting this series of posts with the OF just to me get a feel of what this will be (since I’m reporting things as they happen).

The cocktails are like the first template we know:

Spirits of any kind, sugar, bitters and water.

As described by that old journal of 1806. Enough of history for now…

What I’ll cover here on this post goes beyond that definition since we’ll get into proportions and technique.

I like my OF silky with a good taste of Bourbon with nice spices and orange oils lifting the spirit.

The first thing that really caught my attention when making OFs was that a nice orange zest lifts up the entire thing, that’s when you start getting to know better the cocktail. That was my eye opener for the OF.

The other thing that is important in OFs are texture, we all have that Limoncello bottle on the freezer, right?

Then we have a perfect sensory boom: taste + smell + texture = Flavor!

Having said that I’m very rigid on how I make my OFs

Old Fashioned Cocktail

      1bs Simple Syrup

2oz Bourbon

   3ds Angostura

I like to start with cold 2:1 Simple syrup, that way I get a richer cocktail.

Then I’ll add the bitters, stir, put in a little ice and wait a little to the syrup gets a little more thick.

Now top your OF glass with ice add the booze and stir to integrate, get that syrup out of the bottom of the glass and make a tasty liquor.

Top off with orange oils (or other citrus available) and it taste like heaven!