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If I put the blond ponytail it would still be Mr.Potato Head right?

If I put the blond ponytail it would still be Mr.Potato Head right?

Understanding the classics is a must to any bartender worth their shakers.

Once a classic is well understood you can play around with it, a good example of that would be Ribalaigua’s Daiquiris.

But to reach this level of intimacy one must first understand the soul of the classics.

The Template Project is a personal travel through the rediscovery of some classic cocktails, by doing this I intend to get down to its bones and see its true soul.

Once I’ve reached this further I will be able than to feel my way through this classic cocktail in question hence being able to mix it better and even reach further than now I’m able to and have the so desired intimacy to add my own personal touches.

It is also a project to get me blogging more…

It will follow something like that:

  1. A introductory post about the “original” classic with some historical background and my recipe for it;
  2. Some cocktails that are similar to the “original” and, maybe, one “invention” of mine, ending with a Template;
  3. Pushing boundaries in the template;
  4. A overview of the classical and the template itself.

Four posts per week, one template per week.

Since sours are way beaten in the literature and I have confidence in making them I’ll focus more on aromatics cocktails, here’s a list of the classics I’m considering:

  1. Old Fashioneds (just to get things rolling);
  2. Manhattan (Vermouth Golden Ratio);
  3. Negroni (and how I got the idea for this project);
  4. Spritz;
  5. Whiskey Smash.

I also think I’m covering three cocktails that don’t get much of attention when you think about templates.

Would you add any cocktail to that list?

Hope some people join me in the discussions I’ll propose!