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thiago.mn2 I’m very proud to say that I am one of this years finalists to the Brazilian Grey Goose VLR this year.

The final will be in São Paulo city next month, so I’m pausing my Templates Project: Classics until mid-November.

Now I would like to tell how I got a first position in Belo Horizonte semi-final and how a macaw-muddler is totally in accordance with the high-class Grey Goose brand.

My first glimpse into this cocktail was from my first contact with Grey Goose L’Orange, it taste very much like an orange liqueur with a hint of almond very similar to some rums nuttiness. Those flavors sound very Daiquiriesque to me and the orange+almond combo is the signature twist in the Mai Tai.

Going in the Mai Tai lines a Orgeat would be the common way to amplify the almond notes present in the base spirit, but following along with GG philosophy I sourced local peanuts and made my own Peanut Orgeat, which was inspired by brazilian desserts like paçoquinha .

For those of you who don’t know Grey Goose is the first super-premium brand of vodka, back in the year of 1997. It is carefully produced to preserve the taste from the wheat, being the first vodka to sell flavor, not purity.

Grey Goose is a winter-wheat based vodka produced with the best products sourced in France:

– Picardy winter-wheat grown by traditional families in the very appropriate soil from this region;

– Gensac waters, from the Cognac region, that are slowly filtered by the soil;

– The high standards, quality and heritage used by their Maître de Chai François Thibault to produce the “best tasting vodka”.

François Thibault is the face behind the brand, the dissident who decided to produce vodka in the Cognac region, being called a maverick by the Cognac producers.

Another maverick that relates to the craft cocktail movement is Donn Beach, the tiki cocktail father. Donn revamped the post-prohibition & post-WWI cocktail scenario by bringing back fresh fruit juices, high quality destilates and fun back to the game.

Donn Beachcomber restaurants were fine dining places where Hollywood stars would be found, having had the chance they would be sipping Grey Goose…

In homage to the maverick man, the one who trail blaze his own path and make his own rules I present you the Maverick cocktail


2oz Grey Goose L’Orange

¾oz Peanut Orgeat

¾oz lime juice

Shake & strain into crushed ice. Garnish with mint sprig and Grey Goose La Poire float.

To make the peanut orgeat, mix 1 cup peanut milk* with 1 cup demerara sugar and 1 teaspoon Orange flower water.

The orange flower water is what bring complexity to the cocktail, marring together the orange oils present in the vodka with the fat from the peanuts.

The La Poire float and the mint sprig bring fresh and fruity aromas that helps to smooth the cocktail.

The macaw-muddler is my way to be bring a smile in the face of my guest while he/she enjoy a nice crafted cocktail with the best products available.


*To make peanut milk, soak 1 cup unsalted peanuts in water for 2 days, strain and blend with 2 cups water.