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rdg2Now that we’ve seen what makes a great traditional Manhattan cocktail we’ll study little variations on the theme…

As seen the Manhattan is just Whiskey, vermouth and bitters.

Exchange Angostura for Peychauds and you’ll end up with a very similar cocktail, or maybe you are out of whiskey and will use a Cognac… you all know that right?

The template would go something like this:

Manhattan Cocktail Template

       1 part vermouth

2ds bitters

   3parts Spirit

Stir & Strain Straight Up.

This is a 3:1 ratio of booze to vermouth and also 2 dashes of bitters per part of vermouth. You can also adjust the ratio to your tastes and ingredients.

The ingredients should play harmoniously.

Your vermouth and bitters should enhance your base spirit.

I also don’t think a Celery bitters will play well with a smoky Scotch, but it might play well with a highland Tequila…

Having said that, here are some cocktails that use this template:


1 part Sweet Vermouht

2 ds Angostura

3 parts Oak Aged Cachaça

Make like the traditional Manhattan.

This is a brazilian classic, usually built over ice, half Cachaça, half vermouth. Why not make it Manhattan style by adding some bitters?

Next up, using a white spirit we have the iconic


1 part Dry Vermouth

Lemon zest 

4 parts London Dry Gin

Make like the traditional Manhattan. Garnish with olives.

Here we change the vermouth to compliment the base spirit. Also the bitters are omited and exchanged by a fresh citrus zest inside the mixing glass, that’s a nice trick to use!

The olives are a very complimenting garnish to the overall cocktail, and also make this iconic drink even more iconic.

Those we’re very simple cocktails to reinforce the power of a well made Manhattan style cocktail.

What’s your favorite Manhattan-esque cocktail?

Wait till next post, where we’ll go beyond the template…