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VieuxWe’ve already seen how to make a goddamn good Manhattan and how to put little twists to it, changing and matching spirits with fortfied wines and bitters.

The third part of every classic studied will be the breaking point where based upon the classic I’ll build observations to where the cocktail concept in case can be stretched to.

Being a spirit driven cocktail the Manhattan is meant to enhance the best in a spirit and brand.
A Manhattan-style cocktails, like the OFs can be fancied by adding a touch of accents (usually liqueurs).

Two examples are


3 parts Cognac

3 parts Bourbon

3 parts Sweet Vermouth

1 part Benedictine

2 ds Creole-style bitters

2ds Aromatic bitters

Stir & Strained into rocks glass.

Besides being a Fancy-Manhattan this cocktail uses the Vermouth Golden Ratio.


6 parts Bacardi superior

3 parts Dry Vermouth

1 part Grand Marnier

Stir & Strained into chilled cocktail glass.

This recipe for the El Presidente is really awesome and the Grand Marnier gives a lovely chocolate-y note to this Dry Martini styled gem.

Merging the VGR with the Manhattan template we have the

Manhattan Golden Ratio

6 parts Spirit

3 parts Wine

1 part Liqueur

Optional bitters

And now the path to some great modifications is laid.

You can manage to make really elegant and soft cocktails by using a fine wine instead of fortified & aromatic vermouth.

Take for instance Mr.Difford’s

Left Bank Martini

6 parts Gin

3 parts Suvignon Blanc

2 parts Elderflower Liqueur

Shake & strained into chilled cocktail glass. Lemon oils.

Although being right on my face I didn’t considered until this very moment to change vermouth for a non-fortifed wine.

Sherry & Port are the usual, but a good wine with nice tasting notes can be used to implement a nice aperitif style cocktail too.

Talking about enhancing wine/vermouth notes, let’s not forget the Reversed-ratio cocktails.

One good example is this Martinez-like example



6 parts Sweet Vermouth

3 parts Grey Goose L’Orange

1 part Maraschino 

1 ds Aromatic bitters

Stirred & strained into chilled glass.

Having reached so far I hope to see you soon, in the last post about the Manhattan cocktail!