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After this journey through the Spirit forward & vermouth enhanced cocktails I’ll finish with a quick wrap and a delicious cocktail to celebrate International Cachaça Day.

As we’ve seen, the perfect Manhattan trails the blaze for some awesome cocktails and also teaches a thing or two about balance of flavor, textures and the development of a cocktail as it warms.

We finish with two templates.

Manhattan Cocktail Template

       1 part vermouth

2ds bitters

   3parts Spirit

Stir & Strain Straight Up.

This holds very well for a spirit forward cocktail that is dry and has a nice development as it warms.

Next we expand this a little and get the Golden Ratio a new view:

Manhattan Golden Ratio

6 parts Spirit

3 parts Wine

1 part Liqueur

Optional bitters

Stir & Strain Straight Up.

This is a fancy style Manhattan, it would be the vermouth golden ratio, but why use vermouth when you can go crazy?

To finish this Manhattan travel I present you this nice play on the pineapple-white wine combo.

Soul Bossa Nova #2

6 parts Cachaça

3 parts Sauvignon Blanc

1 part Pineapple Syrup*

2 drops Mixing Bar Garden Bitters 

Stir & Strain over rocks. Garnish with lemon & lime zest.

Next classic to get acquainted with will be the ubiquitous Negroni.
See you all in our next Template Project travel!


* For this Pineapple Syrup you’ll need
1 pineapple

1 cup of pineapple tea

1 cup sugar.

Combine the sugar & tea. Put the pineapple, cut into cubes, inside the syrup and allow to infuse for 24 hours. Strain & bottle.