It’s been a while since I don’t MxMo. But it is the 100th and I could not miss it.

The assignment today is to write about a cocktail that has history. Paul Clarke style.

Since I’m not finished yet with my Templates Project, I decided to tell the story of the cocktail that got me with this idea: The Negroni & friends.

I’ll start with the template and then tell the story…

Negroni Cocktail Template

1 part Spirit

1 part Amaro

1 part Sweet Modifier

Stir & strain (Up or on-the-rocks). 


The first time I understood that there’s more than just swaping spirits was at a Mixing Bar party when I asked my good brotender Che Gazzinelli to make me a cocktail using Benedictine.

He served me a negroni-eske cocktail in which he swapped the sweet vermouth for the herbal liqueur.

On the following year I saw that the Sweet part of the Negroni can be swapped with great success for a variety of liqueurs and modifiers, such as Drambuie,  Frangelico, Açaí liqueur and all sorts of complex, herbal, flavorful ingredients.

I will finish this post with a favorite of gaz regan

Jägermeister Negroni*

1 part London Dry Gin

1 part Campari

1 part Jägermeister

Finger-stirred over rocks.

Thanks to Paul Clarke & Fred Yarm for keeping MxMo alive till today!