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Last month I was invited to a great gig: Guest Bartender at the incredible Frank’s Bar at Maksoud Plaza SP!

The event was sponsored by the lovely folks from Leblon and besides sharing the mahogany with Spencer’s team, Leblon’s brand ambassador Marco De La Roche was there too.

If you don’t know Leblon, Marco or Spencer yet you should go check their works!

Summer is right up the corner and the sun is blazing here in Brazil, so I decided to give a little summer spin on a old creation: the Cerrado Mineiro.

Tamarind juice is a very interesting beverage, but if you are trying to make a lot of the stuff you may not be interested in breaking hundreds of pods, removing thousands of strings and soaking millions of this beautiful fruit in water to later remove all the seeds and then straining the liquid.
Just to think about it my arms are already sore…

Enter tamarind paste!
My lazy hero Jeffrey Morgenthaler has already used it, so will I.

I went for the Exotic Food brand, from the options I had available this was the one with less sugar  and sodium added.

I decided to kick the acidity a bit with some lemon/lime juice and sweeten the mix with sugar+maple combo.

TAMARIND JUICE (paste version)

4 bsp tamarind paste

3oz lemon/lime juice

1½oz simple syrup (2:1)

½oz maple syrup

Mix and reserve, dilute with club soda to taste.

For the highball version of the cocktail I just removed the bitters  and absinthe and added some club soda.


1½oz Leblon Reserve (Signature Merlet)

1½oz Club Soda

1½oz Tamarind juice

Build in a highball glass, mix briefly.
Garnish with an orange peel.

So, that’s all folks!
Great holidays to you all.