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This is a homage post. Don’t get offended if you’re italian or a Mogenthaler.

It’s MxMo time again… This month we’re going by the theme of Forgiving Cocktails.

This is a delicate theme, since we’re kinda saying that “nobody should care for the makings of this cocktails.”


The inspiration for this post comes of course from a insight from Tony Harion.
Since this is a blog about my studies and findings and we usually study more than find mind-blowing facts, I usually just report some ideas that are not mine.

The idea is the following:
Italians cocktails follow a equal parts ratio. -ISH
As they would taste great if you dont jigger or measure those equal-ish parts.

Let’s think about it…

Milano-Torino (1:1)

Negroni (1:1:1)

Gin & It (1:1)

Vermouth Royale (1:1)

Sbagliato (1:1:1)

Bellini/Rossini (1:1)

Godfather (1:1)

Build, stirred, shaken… Whatever…


And other classics are also very forgiving:

Spritz (1:1:2)

Negroni Variations (1:1:1)

Espresso & Tonic (1:1)

Vermouth & Tonic (1:1)

Americano (1:1:1 or 1:1:2 or 1:1:3)

You got it….

A great favorite of mine is the Vermouth Royale…



Vermouth Royale

1 part Vermouth (bianco or rosato)

1 part Spumanti.

Build over ice. Garnish with an orange.



Thanks Fred and Dagreb!