Knowledge gathered so far

  1. No chilling without dilution;
  2. Ice at 0°C can chill under this temperature;
  3. Do dry shake your egg whites;
  4. Your vermuth can be good if properly stored;
  5. If a cocktail is not good, tinker around it;
  6. The vermuth golden ratio;
  7. Food pairing theory; (e.g.: Apple & roses); (e.g.: Pineapple, Vermuth and Bleu Cheese);
  8. Split your ingredient in half;
  9. How/Why/When to use salt in your cocktails;
  10. Gin and rum can often be exchanged;
  11. How to Punch;
  12. Mocktails;
  13. Infusions, syrups and liquours;
  14. How to twist classics and get out of stagnation;
  15. The effect of salt, egg whites, rich simple and maltodextrin in cocktails;
  16. Non-lemon ways to cut sweetness;
  17. 5 under-used ingredients;
  18. Using vodka and dry vermuth in cocktails;
  19. Amaro tasting notes;
  20. How to make your spiced rum;
  21. What is maraschino liqueur;
  22. Twisting a simple cocktail;
  23. What it takes to make a Mai Tai;
  24. How to make good use of Maraschino liqueur;
  25. A simple grenadine substitute, Hibisucus Syrup;
  26. What is Rangpur lime;
  27. How to make a citrus cordial;
  28. How to make citrus jam;
  29. Grey Goose tasting notes;
  30. Aged Rum tasting notes;
  31. How to use tea in cocktails;
  32. Ice fun;
  33. How to make Burt sugar syrup;
  34. How to make fruit syrups.

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