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Having herd all the cats for this MxMo I must thank you all for playing along.
This month was a lot of fun and lots of people couldn’t help themselves and mix lots of pineapple cocktails, myself included.

From fresh pineapple juice, to less messy pineapple syrups & infusions we even got the effortless canned juice, pinneaple tea, piña colada sorbets and all sorts of tasty & funny delicious cocktails with the King of the fruits!


I would like to start first by summarizing some flavors that really goes well with the pineapple:


Fist we got the Joseph’s post from Measure & Stir, he mixes our lovely fruit into four cocktails with white wine, IPA beer, coffee and curry, go read it!

hanaluana7Next, we have JFL from RatedR Cocktails making a rum forward Pineapple+IPA combo the Hala Luana, he had a hard working making this well balanced, don’t go freepouring this one!

tremWe got the curry again in the Tremzinho, by my friend Morandi, this time mixed with a delicious pineapple tea!

CardiffWhat better to follow next than Pineapple+Chartreuse+Chocolate? Courtesy of our friend Mark from Cardiff Cocktails.

Copenhagen StickGinHoundAndreaAndrea from GinHound also kills two flavors with one cocktail and mix Smoke+Vanilla+Pineapple, inspired by a ice cream lolly she gives us the Copenhagen Stick!

ChrisNext up, my friend Chris from A Bar Above get into the World Cup celebration and mix Ginger & Hot Pepper with the Brazilian spirit in the FIFA Sour.


To finish all those amazing flavors that can get mixed up with our King of fruits I made Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s Kingston Club, mixing Anise, Fernet and Pineapple, of course.

I also give two communal cocktails to be shared, the Abacaxi Ricaço, registered by David Embury and my own Familia Jarrito, a Mojito variation.

Enough about how well this bromelia mix with just about everything.

Simple cocktails are always good, next up we follow with some delicious and easy to mix cocktails:


BoozeNerd couple Shaun & Christa gives us the Miss Brooks a tasty mix of Pear Brandy, PJ & bitters, just as simple as that is their take on the Blood & Sand, the Rodolpho (what a great name BTW).


Gin & Juices anyone? With a little herbal Yellow Chartreuse, Morgan from FoodieTails gets it rolling!
We also have three more cocktails, mixing grilled juice, ginger, honey and tequila with our lovely Piña, go Flight to Jalisco with her!

Caribbean Islay worldofdrinks

The Caribbean Islay mix delicious smoky whisky with ginger, honey and funky Jamaican rum! Easy and bold!

Courtesy of Craig from A World of Drinks.


This red and frothy concoction is gave to us by Whitney from The Tipicular Time, it is a lovely mix of Pineapples and tart Razz along with some Rum and Ango, the OntarioAhu!

BananeIn the likes of a French Martini, Ryan from Ryan Companion’s gives us the Amazonia Crown with Cachaça and Banana, making a homage to Brazil! He also makes it with rum and falernum, a Bajan Martini then.


Last on this section, we have a pool & funny memory recall from Mike over Sweet Tea & Bourbon with the Planter’s Punch, the juicy one, no need to shake…

After all those delicious and lazy pineapple cocktails it’s time to get back to work and make some pineapple syrup

pineapple-gomme-cocktailand mix a delicious Pisco Punch, as did Elana from Stir & Strain, with pinneaple gomme


Or a East India Cocktail, as did IJL from Tempered Spirits. He also change the juice for the syrup in the delicious Hotel Nacional Daiquiri.

And why not make a Daiquiri using pineapple infused rum?


This is what Stacy Markow did. She says the daiquiri is the most refreshing drink ever, we can’t agree more and with this pineapple infusion it be like a trip to the beach!


Talking about infusions, infuse your gin with some chuncks of yellow yummyness and make yourself the Riviera, presented to us by the Frog Princesse from Tartiness to Tiki, this delicious cocktails mixes two fellows of pineapple: Campari and Maraschino.And why not go all boozy and make  a Zombie using fresh PJ?


Jessica from One Martini infuses her rum not with fresh fruit, but with a coconut-vanilla tea. After that she makes a cinnamon syrup to make a Mai Tai style cocktail. And I bet this is as delicious as Vic’s, not a sugar bomb. She even make a Rum+Cognac split here.



Fancy a Pinã Colada Sorbet? Head to Sass&Gin and let Laura teach you how you can make your own!
Top that with some bubbles and you get a Sparkling Pinã Colada, what not to like?
And if you feel you’re too grown up to this, try the East Harbor, with some falernum into a swizzled colada.


Enought about hard work again, let’s take a break and eat some pineapple dipped into rum sauce!



Tiare from A mountain of crushed ice also join us! She made two cocktails, a swizzle and a frothy sour style, pictured below


Three types of rum, pineapple, lime, sugar, whites and chocolate bitters. Garnished with some brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg… A mountain of dat, please!

Talking about tiki…


Look at that frothy green ocean cocktail! What a landscape… Jurgen from Swizzzlestick gave us the The Best Year cocktail, straight from his readings from Beachbum Berry Remixed! BTW, I just love myself some licor 43…

MariusIt’s not easy being geen, but got yourself some kiwis (largely consumed here in Brazil), and some green banana liqueur too, why not? This swizzle is gave to us by Marius over AcanePotions. Kiwis and pineapples have lots in common!


Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality, right? But when you’re moving to Georgia peaches might be more fit!
Jennifer from Scraps of Life gave us the Southern Hospitality, mixing peaches and pineapple with vanilla rum! We’re all sending good vibes to you new home Jennifer, cheers!


Have a bottle of homemade lemoncello not being used? Well, I have and the BarflySF blogger also do.

Fix yourself the Pisco Piña and get refreshed!

Talking about not so used bottles…


Fred Yarm, our big host, give us the Kuula Hina, mixing Dry Amontillado with pineapple to get an acidic bite to cut through vanilla and falernum syrups. This cocktail was created on shift for a fellow bartender! Nice piece. Go visit Cocktail Virgin Slut to get the recipe!


The kind Putneys from Putney Farm gives us their take on the El Presidente, the one with pineapple. Look that froth!
Called Nuevo Presidente it replaces the grenadine for more complex Créme de Cassis, I must try this spin on the Daiquiri!


Last but not least, the beautiful Muse of Doom from Feu de Vie present us with an amazing pair of fresh pineapple, spicy becherovka and fresh oregano, yes you read it right!
Willing to try this one, also don’t use the dried herb you have lying around your house, go in the quest for fresh ones!

Finally, I would like to thank Fred for letting me host, you guys for giving so many fabulous recipes.
Pineapples goes well with everything!

mxmologoThis is it, section closed.
See you all next month in another MxMo party!