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A mai tai?

A mai tai?

Having never mixed good JAMAICAN rum, CURAÇAO orange liqueur, ORGEAT with lime and sugar, I can tell that the Mai Tai is a classic because you don’t need these ingredients to come with a really good cocktail!

So, what are the main ingredients to a good Mai Tai?
I’ll base myself on the

Trader Vic’s Mai Tai

  • 2oz Jamaican Rum, aged good
  • 1oz lime juice
  • ½oz orange curaçao
  • ¼oz orgeat
  • ¼oz simple syrup

Shake and strain into an iced old-fashioned glass. Garnish aromatically.



It is basically a fancy Daiquiri, but better!

The daiquiri is a God’s worth cocktail!

Everything based on it should show how the Daiquiri is the King!

Embury have told us that almond flavors marry well with rum, we also know that orange liqueurs are good in daiquiris, adding a more refreshing and citrus-y snap!

Good bold aged rum should be used here and the ingredients should showcase this!

That being said, you can’t go wrong if you make something like this

  • Aged Rum
  • Almond flavor
  • Citrus orange zing
  • fresh lime juice

Full of thick and bold liqueurs like those you can’t get a lot of aroma, garnish aromatically, bringing all the goodness to the palate then.
Mint, lime shell, pineapple and even a dark float rum will be good! 

And finally, my version:

My Tai

  • 2oz Bacardi 8
  • 1oz lime juice
  • ¼oz Maraschino liqueur
  • ¼oz Falernum by Mixing Bar
  • ½oz triple sec

Shake and strain into ice filled glass.
Lime shell and rosemary sprig for garnish. Float Zacapa.



This was amazing, nutty, citrus, bold and fresh. It even remembered an exotic fruit, the texture, aroma and flavor really remembered me of brazilian paw paw!

Understanding what is in a cocktail is really what takes to make better drinks.